Our technical office is able to meet the demand for hydraulic systems for any type of application, providing accurate and precise and competent technical support and operational solutions.

The synergy with the in-house assembly division provides ongoing control over the entire manufacturing process to guarantee technical conformity with the demands and specifications of its customers.

The plant equipment is supplied to the customer together with all the technical documentation (hydraulic and pneumatic diagrams, parts list, use and maintenance manual, declaration of incorporation, acceptance test certificate, etc.) along with all the support required for the commissioning and fine-tuning of the same.

Our qualified staff is trained to provide prompt and punctual customer care services both for the plant systems and component aspects, paying utmost attention to achieving superior quality customer satisfaction.

Hydraulic / pneumatic / refrigerant fluid plant system for machine tools

Pneumatic plant system truss / lubrication system for machine tools

MCRA reduction gear cooling unit

AGV Hydraulic power unit



From 1992 until today, Rexoil Oleodinamica has produced over 8,200 hydraulic and pneumatic plant systems, ranging from small starter units, with a 15-litre tank capacity, to the large 5,000-litre foundry units.
The design and engineering skills and expertise combined with a lean and flexible structure, has allowed the firm to satisfy the demands of a most diverse range of customers, from small businesses to multinational enterprises.

Rexoil Oleodinamica has made quality a core asset of its production, controlling and monitoring assembly processes and using leading products in the hydraulic sector.